Recipe For Forgetting Fidel Castro

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14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 13 August 2016 – Turn on the radio and the announcer reads a brief headline: “Fidel Castro, The Great Builder.” The man goes on to explain that the mo…

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X-Weathermen are Back!

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Excellent outline of extreme weather event attribution “science”

Science Matters

The media is again awash with claims of “human footprints” in extreme weather events, with headlines like these:

“Global warming is making hot days hotter, rainfall and flooding heavier, hurricanes stronger and droughts more severe.”

“Global climate change is making weather worse over time”

“Climate change link to extreme weather easier to gauge”– U.S. Report

“Heat Waves, Droughts and Heavy Rain Have Clear Links to Climate Change, Says National Academies”

That last one refers to a paper just released by the National Academy of Sciences Press: Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change (2016)

And as usual, the headline claims are unsupported by the actual text. From the NAS report (here):

Attribution studies of individual events should not be used to draw general conclusions about the impact of climate change on extreme events as a whole. Events that have been selected for attribution studies to date…

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De la “supremacía izquierdosa”. Por Zoé Valdés

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Tremendo artículo sobre las prácticas de censura de la izquierda en EEUU

¡Libertad y Vida! Zoé Valdés Publicación Digital

Me siento en la obligación de responder brevemente a un artículo de mi querida Fabiola Santiago publicado en El Nuevo Herald. Fabiola Santiago describe (y se vale de) cómo se ha sentido marcada desde niña por lo que ella llama la “supremacía cubana” para contar de qué indebida manera una lectora y comentarista de uno de sus artículos, a la que ella nombra por su apellido, no sabemos si es real o verdadero, la insulta por sus opiniones sobre Donald Trump.

Bien, no sé si Fabiola Santiago se dio cuenta que al escribir su artículo respondiéndole a una comentarista a través de un periódico (y no de un simple comentario como debió de haber hecho) desde su posición de renombrada periodista, está también ella ejerciendo la “supremacía cubana” tal como se ejercía en la Cuba de los Castro cuando los periodistas se veían en la obligación exclusivamente por razones políticas…

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Thoughts On The Venezuela-Colombia Border

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An excellent outline of the situation along the Venezuela-Colombian border in mid July 2016

The Devil's Excrement


Venezuelans crowd the Simon Bolivar bridge in the border with Colombia waiting for its opening to go buy food and supplies there.

I have been fascinated by the events at the Venezuela-Colombia border for the last two weekends, as the Government decided to open a relief valve and let Venezuelans go over to Colombia for the day to shop. The scenes have been fascinating, but more importantly, the political, social and most of all, economic significance of what we have seen is simply riveting.

Start with the fact that the Government shut down the border a year ago in order to supposedly stop contraband from Venezuela to Colombia. An explanation which was simply grandstanding, as the contraband flows through the hundreds of unpaved paths (trochas) that criss-cross the  border under the watchful eye (and sponsorship) of the Venezuelan military. Thus it was simply a remarkably sight, as well as lesson…

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Shameful Friends

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14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 25 May 2016 – People with whom we share sorrows and joys are a reflection of ourselves, however different they may appear. As friends we choose them t…

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Maduro and the Country That is Disintegrating in His Hands

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14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 19 May 2016 — All signs point to the collapse of Venezuela. Every minute that passes the country is disintegrating in the hands of Nicolas Madur…

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Maduro “Announces” New Emergency Powers Decree

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Excellent piece about Maduro’s self appointment as Dictator of Venezuela…

The Devil's Excrement

16520349-A-background-design-element-of-an-antique-historical-paper-scroll-document-or-decree-with-red-wax-se-Stock-VectorLast Friday, President Maduro announced that he would extend the economic emergency powers decree (The same one that the National Assembly did not approve, but the Supreme Court said it did not matter) and announced that he would also decree a state of exception to “neutralize and defeat the external aggression against our country”

Now, you would think that given the importance of such a decree, the Government would have distributed a copy by now, but, no such luck, the details of the decree are unknown. Maduro will apparently issue it taking advantage of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the prior economic power decree, in which the “High” Court simply scratched part of the Constitution (Art. 339 of the Constitution, for example)  saying the Assembly did not have to approve the decree.

Some people are calling this a “coup”. I disagree. You can’t have a coup when you…

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