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A beneficial climate change hypothesis

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Excellent post, discusses a possible link between the rise of agriculture and CO2 concentration at the end of the Ice Age

Climate Etc.

by Rud Istvan

A novel hypothesis on the role of CO2 in the technological transition from hunter/gatherers to sedentary agriculture.

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Climate scientists versus climate data

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by John Bates A look behind the curtain at NOAA’s climate data center.

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Citizens… Time To Tighten Your Belts

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14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 29 December 2016 – My generation knows no good news. We grew up with the grey subsidies of the rationed market, we reached puberty amid the rigors of the Spec…

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BREAKING: Fidel Incredibly Old

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UPDATE: Fidel Castro has died, aged considerably, in Havana. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the 17th President of Cuba, has lost his battle with thermodynamics. In an increasingly divided world, Fidel…

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Fariñas en FAES: régimen castrista se siente legitimado por EEUU

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El disidente cubano Guillermo Fariñas ha hablado para la Fundación FAES días antes de viajar a Bruselas como parte de la delegación del Observatorio Cubano de Derechos Humanos. Premio Sajarov para …

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Scholarships, Fears And Attractions

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14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 27 September 2016 – The woman approaches without fear or hesitation. “How can my son apply for one of the scholarships mentioned on television?” she asks me a…

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NASA Successfully Eliminates the 1998 El Nino

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From “not a lot of people know that” about NASA’s world temperature anomaly estimate.


By Paul Homewood


From Climate Change Dispatch:

Has anyone looked at the recent National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA GISS) Surface Temperature Analysis? A chart of it was used in a recent Australian Broadcasting Company debate on global warming to make the case that surface temperatures have risen continuously during the past 20 years.


There’s a pretty blatant problem with the NASA chart, however. And it’s a fault that anyone with even a cursory knowledge of climate studies would recognize.

The NASA GISS analysis essentially eliminates the 1998 El Niño. Instead of the ’98 El Niño towering above neighboring years, thanks to its massive release of stored Pacific Ocean heat content, 1998 is simply depicted as one rung on an ever-climbing temperature ladder. And then, suddenly, there’s 2016, with an El Niño that explodes far above all of the preceding years.


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