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A Priceless Detention Order Related To PDVSA Graft

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Excellent post about corruption in Venezuela.

The Devil's Excrement

The above detention order is simply priceless. I can only imagine how, Cesar Batiz, Setty and Alek Boyd feel when they read it. They pioneered the subject and went after these people relentlessly. They are now reaping the fruits of their labor.

My understanding is that the indictment of Rincón itself is sealed, but the detention order and the Judge’s reasons for not giving bail are simply priceless.

To wit:

-Defendant Rincon-Fernandez (Rincon) is a Venezuelan national charged with violating the Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act and conspiring to launder money.

-The indictment charges that Rincon and his co-defendants set up several schemes to obtain contracts with PDVSA. In al schemes bribes were paid to PDVSA officials to get Rincon affiliated companies on the short list of companies which were entitled to bid for PDVSA contracts.

-Rincon also bribed individuals to put non-competitors on the short list.

-The investigation covered…

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Satellites, models, and me, are through!

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A glowing crystal ball held in two hands

I heard somebody say ‘Avogadro ‘
Oh Lord now I’m so alone,
Without true data in my heart,
without a satellite of my own.

Oh Lord, you knew just what I need
You heard me saying a prayer for,
A climate model I really could read
Reams of data spelling DISASTERS

We go together, my model and me
Like ATTP and Lukewarmer,
Like Lukewarmer and ATTP.
The two singing WORDMASTERS

Tell me more, what will it be
What is da true climate sensitivity?
Tell me more, where’s the key
Does my satellite have materiality?

Tell me more, what’s the code
What’s the real aerosol feedback?
Tell me more, where’s the key
To get my career back on track?

Yo! Listen, you better shape up,
‘Cause I need a climate model,
And instead I got me a satellite.
Antenae and lenses, what a rot

Yo, understand, To my heart I must be true.
Satellites, models, and me, are through!

Schrodinger’s Cat

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Your armpits were hairy when I first saw you, I solve equations and the flashbacks start, I’ve been standing in Berkeley for a decade

Whatt are you doing with that new rover, who wears that slick blue collar? When I only wear red shorts?

Dreaming about the day when you awake, and decide that you’re looking for a Nobel,  spin the disk and my number comes up

So, this world is evolving, and I stand in front of you saying use my slide rule, and I go over that decade in my mind

it turns out degrees of freedom ain’t nothing, it’s just thinking slowly, wishing you realized sooner you ain’t no polymath, duh

But I’d go back over that decade, turn around and do some cooperating, I go back in time quite often, yah

Listen, let’s do some cooperating, this love is pointy, cause I’m horny it’s called love, and sweetie you can be my Schrödinger’s cat.

i know we are never ever going to be cooperating, talk to the dean, you’re just a post doc, or just talk to me, duh

You are just solving equations forever, but you can use my slide rule, sweetie, use my slide rule.